I’m not saying leprechauns are real, or that the end of a rainbow possesses anything other than some turf, but the onus is on you to prove otherwise, and at the minute that’s looking tough.

Yes, Ireland has officially struck gold. More specifically, an area near Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan is soon to become home to just about every crackpot chancer in the country.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources has been spent years examining and working on the area to find if there was the potential for a gold dig, and today they confirmed a gold-in-soil anomaly of about 700m by 300m.

The site lies 7KM and 14KM Southwest of two other dig sites in Glenish, and Clontibret, where the company plans to set up its first mine in the area.

The stretch of land that could possibly be harbouring gold covers areas of Monaghan, Armagh, and Cavan.

But before you go running off with your bucket and spade, the chances of finding any without a large-scale mining operation are minuscule, and even if you were lucky enough, you’d be stealing from the government, seeing as they own everything above, below, in, on, and around us. Still, no hurt in trying.

Via Independent