At 15 years of age, what were you doing?

We were, most likely, working on our high score in Mario Kart and trying to work up the courage to ask out the hot one from secondary school.

Noa Mintz, from New York, however, is 15 and not doing any of those things. Maybe she is, we don't know.

The young woman founded one of the most successful babysitting businesses in the US and has raked in over €300,000 so far from her business.

Nannies By Noa has over 190 clients in New York and places nannies with families and then takes a percentage of their first year salary.

The average salary for a New York babysitter is roughly around $50,000, or just over €43,000.

Noa's even had to take on a CEO to help balance her time working on her flourishing business and, y'know, being in school.

The teenager was challenged by her mother to come up with a better solution to finding a nanny as Noa wasn't happy with the one they had.

Her father helped her out with a loan to start the business and, pretty soon, Noa's phone was ringing off the hook with potential clients.

Way to make us all feel horribly inadequate, Noa. Good for you.

Via Fox6