For a long time, Ireland really didn't have any kind of reputation for food, other than our obligatory love of potatoes of course. However, in recent years, we have upped our game and have become more innovative with our grub and made use of the abundance of natural resources on our land.

That's all well and good, but we're still a nation that loves the basics when it comes to food, although as we find out when we leave this small island, our basics aren't exactly the same as the rest of the world.

For the week that's in it, here's some Irish food choices that the rest of planet Earth just don't really get...

1. Crisp Sandwiches

Ahh the trusted crisp sandwich. A staple of many a lunchbox growing up and a go-to meal of choice for any Irish person at any time of the day or night. The more butter the better, if you're wondering.

2. Brown Sauce

While we haven't quite subscribed to Colin Farrell's antics in Intermission of putting this condiment in our tea, we do as a nation like to dabble with some brown sauce. May not be to everyone's taste but God help you if you don't have it out on the table for your dad's dinner.

3. Tea

Forget your Earl Grey or your Breakfast Tea or your scented flavoured water, we want a proper mug of TAE and, we're sorry, but nowhere outside Ireland (with the exception of the UK) know how to make a proper brew. While everybody knows that your choice between Lyons or Barrys will inform a lot about you.

4. Beans on toast

This is also one our friends across the pond just do not understand, and let them, more for us.

5. Dinner = Meat + two veg, and spuds, obviously

We may have all expanded our taste buds to Italian, Chinese and Indian foods, but we all know a proper Irish mammy's dinner consists of these three staples.

6. Real butter

What's this unsalted lark that they have going on over on mainland Europe? And don't get us started on that sorry excuse for a spread the Americans have. It's real butter all the way, or why bother?

7. Cordial

It's not YOUR MiWadi, it's MY Miwadi. Turns out, it really is, as it seems to be beyond difficult to get any sort of decent cordial drink outside of Ireland. How the rest of the world get their 8 glasses a day in is beyond us.

8. Curry Sauce

All over our chips please. Oh you only have the powdered version you can make at home? ALL OVER OUR CHIPS PLEASE.

9. Garlic Cheese Chips

We often give out about how excessive the portions are stateside, but this meal is probably a heart attack waiting to happen, however at 3am, NOTHING will stop you from having it.

10. Spice Bag

While we're on the chipper buzz, we have to mention Dublin's latest takeaway craze, The Spice Bag, it even has its own Facebook page. Everything you love about your local Takeaway all in one bag. 

11. Breakfast roll/Chicken Fillet Roll

Deciding which one you are in the mood for can be the heartbreak of every Irish person when they reach the Deli counter, but you know you can't go wrong with either. This is what French Baguettes were made for lads, whether they want to admit it or not.

12. Bread

Why is it that nobody can make bread quite like they do here? It always seems to be either too sweet or too small or just not right. Give us a slice pan any day, and don't get us started on our mouthwatering brown bread.

13. Proper chocolate

The chocolate is just better quality over here. It's creamier, tastier and overall far more indulgent than anything you get elsewhere. Except maybe Belgium, those guys are all over it.

14.  Crisps in general

Meanies, Skips, Hunky Dorys, Chipsticks, Tayto, Waffles... need we say more? 

15. A fry up

While our neighbouring countries give this meal a fair shot, it just never quite tastes as good anywhere else but home.