A group of 14 lads got into a bit of bother over the weekend when a practical joke went wrong.

One of the group's members thought it'd be a good idea to stuff a big bag of salt in the hand luggage of one of his friends, you know, for the bants. LOL, JK, etc.

The cabin crew on the Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Tenerife didn't see the funny side when they noticed the package and diverted the flight to Portugal. The group were met by the police on board the plane once they had landed, something they weren't expecting seeing as half of them were asleep at the time.

The mess was eventually cleared up, and although they weren't officially charged, they are believed to have received a lifetime ban from the airline.

While the company haven't clarified that yet, one of their spokespeople said ‘we’ve made a complaint to Police Scotland regarding the incident and they are now investigating the matter.’

Via Daily Record