Dumb Ways To Die, the safety campaign from Melbourne's rail network Metro, (hopefully) educated the masses on what to do and what not to do when using public transport, as well as other choice life lessons. Like bathing with piranhas. The cute tongue-in-cheek video spawned a whole host of cover versions and parodies, as seems to be the trend with anything popular these days, but Cool Things To Find was really the best of them. And the video game version proved for a lot of nostalgia about the frustrations of gaming.

Honourable Mentions

National Smack A Bum Day: The prank that confused the crap out of the capital city in November after rogue signs popped up around Dublin. Thankfully no smackings were reported.

Butt Implants Gone Wrong: This continues to make us feel ill. The woman who’s butt implant was botched had the ability to flip the thing all the way around. Don’t watch if you have any intention of eating.

Robbie Keane's LA Embarrassment: Unidentified fan still makes us LOL.