May saw quite a lot of excitement over various things online, a lot of which happened over items from the year that were already annoying us with how much they were present in everyday life. With Somebody That I Used To Know and Call Me Maybe bouncing around with frightening frequency, the level of parodies reached fever pitch. First up Gotye’s song had ended up getting the hilarious Bad Lip Dub treatment with ‘Kicked Your Monkey’, and then got the ultimate animal makeover with a canine/feline version of the song, and the joke images just kept coming and coming.

Meanwhile, Carly Rae Jepsen’s song of the year landed itself a parody which would then go on to create a tangent of parodies all of their own. When the Harvard Baseball Team posted their stoic and perfectly timed take on Call Me Maybe, created while in a van en route to a game, they started a trend that would go on to create Olympian copies as well as Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and armed forces in Iraq.

Honourable Mentions

Fifty Shades of Grey, which is probably both the worst present to give and to receive today, became the talk of the world and all of sudden we had Fifty Shades of everything, It was probably the creepiest and funniest thing to happen in all of 2012, with SNL being the ones to really nail the joke on the head.

It was also the time of year when everyone with a smartphone was obsessed with Draw Something, which resulted in the brilliant Ignore Hitler trend, proving that tumblr once again is a fount of internet brilliance.