June of 2012 saw everyone get well and truly obsessed with Euro 2012, especially this German lady, although it didn’t really turn out too well for us. However, the other star of the internet in June 2012 was Overly Attached Girlfriend. What started life as a parody competition entry in a Justin Beiber competition became an internet sensation after YouTuber wzr0713’s ( in real life Laina Walker/Morris, the internet is confused on the subject) video became a meme phenomenon. A screencap was made from the video and overlaid with various riffs on her original idea of a creepily obsessed girlfriend character, and spread like wildfire.

While there was some controversy around it, Laina made the most of her internet fame, going on to make plenty more videos including a wonderful Carly Rae Jepsen parody, and is now selling wares on behalf of Samsung in a very odd way. So in reality, everybody won.

Honourable mention

Nicolas Cage Cats: Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Nicolas Cage Cats proved once again that Tumblr can well and truly be one of the most wonderful things on the internet. It will never not be hilarious.