Handsdown, July 2012 belonged to the Oympics and with not only our eyes glued to all the Olympic athletes and the level of *ahem* athleticism on display, it was also the opening ceremony that marked the month, becoming one of the most watched events ever with an estimated 4 billion people tuning in to see Daniel Craig escort Her Majesty into the stadium via parachute. We were also treated to an industrious destruction of the Shire, a creepy hospital bed dance and more Emeli Sande than you will ever need in your life.

In particular, the Queen became a target of internet memedom after looking a little less than amused at the length and antics involved in Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, starting the One Is Not Amused trend, with some fantastic memes flying around the net.

Honourable Mentions

Gangnam Style: Korean pop artist PSY's Gangnam Style, the video that now has over a BILLION views on YouTube, birthed itself unto the world in July, bringing with it hordes of parody videos and sideways horserider dancing that is unfortunately still deemed popular. There's very little to say about how mad/bad it is. Hopefully this is something we can leave behind in 2012.

Project X Cavan: Project X Cavan came and went, in what still is something that is borderline impossible to believe actually happened. Inspired by the film Project X, there was absolute bafflement after several hundred people showed up to a house party in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan and the event went viral around the world, giving Cavan it’s first bit of fame since, well, ever really.