While January gave us plenty of videos to keep us entertained, February was more of a static image month, but it also contained one of the memes that went from amusing to annoying in record time. What People Think I Do vs. What I Really Do was a series of images usually analyzing different jobs or social groups, starting off with the Science Student edition at the start of the month.

And then people started making bespoke ones, and then once we had seen all the ones that even slightly related to us we got bored. But they didn’t stop. They just. Kept. Coming. This is when the whole aspect of sharing on social media came back to bite us in the ass. What made matters worse was the fact that the internet opened the gates for anyone to make their own, which killed the humour almost instantly. Luckily enough they died almost as quickly as they started, although that extra day in February added longevity to the trend that no one wanted.

Honourable Mention

Angelina’s Leg: Oh Angie. This one deserves to go down in history really. Surprising the fashion community and the world at the 2012 Academy Awards by acting like a Real Housewive/Jersey Shore wannabe and getting her leg out, Angelina Jolie became instant fodder for online photoshoppery. That leg was just everywhere, from the Statue of Liberty to the moon, and it never really stopped being funny. I bet somewhere amongst all her awards and adoption certificates, Angie has that original image framed, smirking wryly every time she sees it thinking ‘Mission Accomplished’.