While we may have been completely astounded, for both good and bad reasons during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, August saw us go mad for not only our own athletes (G’wan Katie, you legend), but plenty of others. Not only did we have some accidentally censored divers making certain events all the more watchable, we had some terrific perfectly timed photos, Mo Farah Running Away From Things, and McKayla Maroney pulling a face so perfectly descriptive, she got a meeting with President Obama out of it (Okay, she met Obama because she won gold and silver, but still). The 2012 Olympics were fantastic. We even got a Spice Girls reunion out of it, and Posh doing the best thing she’s ever done.

Honourable Mentions

Lucy Spraggan: While The X-Factor was generally terrible this year, everyone went a little bit nuts for Lucy Spraggan when she originally auditioned. Like almost 20 million YouTube views nuts. So even though she dropped out of the competition midway through the live shows, girl is still gonna make a mint off it.

Botched Ecce Homo: Also known as Potato Jesus, this was the name given to the atrocity that was the failed restoration of a fresco in a Spanish church. Cecilia Gímenez, the 80-year-old responsible for the work had an awful hard time of it when it happened, but it brought attention to her own art which she’s now selling on eBay for a pretty penny.