As expected the nation has ground to a halt to deal with (or not to deal with) Storm Emma and her pal the Beast from the East.

By the sounds of it too, it could be more of the same tomorrow so may as well make the most of it!

Weather it's a duvet day you're having, fun with the kids, or stuck working from home, no doubt some of the below will ring true.


1. Gone on to Whatsapp to share snow pics with your various groups

Well how else would you know who's snow is better? And no doubt you've been tricked into clicking on a misleading image or two - you messers.


2. Laughed at people worried about having no bread

And then promptly felt the urge to eat bread and wonder if you have actually stocked up enough.


3. Started singing Christmas songs

It literally cannot be helped - it's embedded in our souls dammit! Don't worry, you're not alone. Christmas FM is even coming back for a day tomorrow.


4. Eating and drinking like it is in fact Christmas

It's so cold - we need warmth and nourishment! (And chocolate and wine).


5. Checked on elderly folk you know

Yes, sorry to hit you with a serious one, but you know, be sound.


6. Stayed in your pjs and slippers

A day for the cosies, if ever there was one.


7. Commented on the fact that it really is strange weather for the end of Feb/start of March all the same.

Global warming lads, not a myth.


8. Lost your cyncial ways for a moment when you saw the delight on yours/other people's kids playing in the snow

Kids LOVE snow!!! Like, they love it. Maybe more than you love anything else in the world.


9. Laughed at the man falling on the ice video

It's so old now, we've seen it so many times, but it will NEVER stop being funny.


10. Binge-watched something

If you're in the stayed in your pjs category above, that's definitely all you have been doing today.


11. Shared memories form our last snowmageddon in 2010

Yes, we were all there too, we remember. At least we have plenty of salt this time, right? (Right??!).