So it seems Facebook has an upper age limit. Michigan grandmother Marguerite Joseph discovered it when she tried to join the social network and ended up having to lie about her age.

Y'see MJ's 104 years old, and when she tried to tell Facebook she was born in 1908, it kept automatically changing her birth date to 1928. No matter what she did it just wouldn't change, so she's stayed at the tender age of 99 for the last two years. Some would say that's a dream come true eh?

Not Marguerite though, she's happily aging and lets her granddaughter do all the technological stuff for her, keeping in touch with friends and family across the US and Canada. Her granddaughter said she'd sent a message to our old pal Mark Zuckerberg to help fix the issue, but had yet to receive a reply. "I would love to see her real age on Facebook. I mean, in April she's going to be 105. It's special."

Facebook did get in touch with WDIV-TV in the States though, and had this to say: "We've recently discovered an issue whereby some Facebook users may be unable to enter a birthday before 1910. We are working on a fix for this and we apologise for the inconvenience."

We're off to find Marguerite online now...