A $10,000 bag of weed feel from the sky and fell through Arizona home, causing a giant hole in the house's roof.

The bag, which weighed 23 pounds, is suspected by the police to have been dropped accidentally by a drone flying overhead. Here's the damage it did to the roof.

The owners of the home, which is situated just 1,000 from the Mexican border, were awoken by a large bang that they thought was a thunderstorm, but when they went to check it out they discovered the package of weed, as well as the massive hole in their gaff. 

But that wasn't the only damage done, as the dog house got a bit of a going over too. Thankfully the pup wasn't in it at the time.

The police, unsurprisingly, aren't treating this as an 'Act of God', and are pursuing all avenues to find where the drug came from. 

Via Dazed