This is the first we've heard of 'bigorexia', but that's because it's usually called muscled dysmorphia, a specific form of body dysmorphia.

The new term, which we're assuming is used because the internet can't be bothered using the correct phrase, means the same as before, which is to say it a condition which leaves sufferers obsessed with the idea that they aren't big enough. Simply put, it's reverse anorexia. 

Signs of muscle dysmorphia include compulsively working out, placing exercise ahead of friends and family, constantly checking yourself(your muscles) out in reflective surfaces, and is linked with steroid abuse and the overuse of protein supplements and shakes.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, the chair of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation, Rob Wilson, claimed "There are thousands upon thousands with it, who are going to be excessively concerned about their appearance, having very poor self-esteem, and also feeling very anxious and very worried.

"We know about 10% of men in the gym may have muscle dysmorphia".

You can find out more about the condition from this short piece Newsbeat put together, well worth a watch.

Via BBC Newsbeat