The lead in the hugely popular and addictive Netflix series ‘You’ has revealed that he had conflicted feelings about how season two ended. *Be warned, there are spoilers for ‘You’ season one and two below.*

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Badgley said he initially felt ‘crestfallen’ by Love’s murderous nature but came to the conclusion that it was a ‘perfect’ ending for his character Joe.

"With this one, it was actually a bit of a reveal for me," Badgley explained.


"When I found out where it was headed, I was kind of crestfallen because, just selfishly, I wanted there to be a more positive resolution.

"But just like Beck dying in the first season, I realised that this was the most accurate, the most reflective of reality, the most responsible to be like, 'No, Joe doesn't get to have that'."

"Joe is not actually looking for true love. He's not actually a person who just needs somebody who loves him," the star continued.

"He's a murderer! He's a sociopath. He's abusive. He's delusional. And he's self-obsessed. You can't fool yourself into thinking that he just needs somebody who's right for him. Nobody's right for him!"

YOU season 2

"So actually, the ending's perfect. This is the way it has to be because he has an irrefutable problem and if it was just like, 'They were made for each other, all he needed to find was somebody who kills people too', that's not justice," he said.

Seasons one and two of ‘You’ are currently airing on Netflix. (Read our review of season 2 here.)