Will Ferrell's presence at this year's Eurovision Song Contest finals in Lisbon now makes perfect sense.

While the actor and comedian may well be a noted fan of the contest itself, but it seems that his trip to Lisbon also acted as a research mission as he is set to star in a new feature film for Netflix called - you guessed it - 'Eurovision'.

Ferrell is set to both co-write the script (with Andrew Steele - writer for the likes of SNL and Ferrell's recent vehicle 'The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish') and star in the film, while we will undoubtedly get to hear him exercise his vocal cords, as he did in the likes of 'Step Brothers' and on SNL, too.

There's no word on the plotline as yet, but the biggest question is - will Ireland's illustrious history get a shout-out of some sort? We're counting on you, will. Just don't mention Dana, please.