Netflix has dropped its first look trailer for Narcos season three and even better, they have announced when we can finally get to watch it.

Assuming you are up to date with the show, you will know that season two saw the demise of Pablo Escobar, but there's a new drug lord in town now and DEA agent Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal) is on the case.

There's no sign of his partner Agent Steve Murphy (played by Boyd Holbrook), and it appears Pena will be taking over narrating duties too, saying in the trailer: "When the whole world was focussed on Escobar, Cali became the biggest cocaine cartel in history To pretend that these guys weren't just as evil as the guy that came before them, that's a mistake".

As the trailer will tell you below, you can catch all of Narcos season three on Netflix on September 1st.