The critically acclaimed adult animated series Bojack Horseman is returning to Netflix for a fourth season, and after what feels like forever, the trailer for its newest episodes has finally dropped.

The series last left off with our titular anti-hero, the former star of 90s TV show Horsin’ Around, in a desperate state. As he contemplates ending his life, he stops to watch a group of horses running across the desert he has found himself in.

In the trailer for season 4, Diane is working at a blog while her husband Mr Peanutbutter is running for Governor and Todd has a new career in modelling. Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn contemplates having a family (and if you don’t follow the show, you’ll likely have no idea what I’m on about).

However, Bojack himself is rather mysteriously nowhere to be seen, other than when he pulls into a house in the final seconds of the preview. And he’ll want to be coming back – Diane seems to really miss him and there’s a chance that he has a daughter now…

The new episodes arrive on September 8th.