We've already got our thoroughly creepy first look at the Jodie Foster-directed first episode of the fourth season 'Black Mirror' and now we've got our first trailer for episode two, 'Crocodile'.

In typical 'Black Mirror' fashion, details are sparse but it appears to function around a woman investigating an accident by accessing the memories of those involved and then things get creepy.

Starring Andrea Riseborough ('Birdman', 'Bloodline'), Andrew Gower ('Outlander'), and Kiran Sonia Sawar ('Murdered By My Father') and directed by John Hillcoat ('Triple Nine', 'Lawless'), we don't know anything else about 'Crocodile' other than the taglines "Picture what you saw" and "Memories can be subjective." 

So typical Charlie Brooker nightmare fuel then.

'Black Mirror' season four is expected on Netflix later this year.