If you've been watching Netflix's latest original series Mindhunter, you'll know that there's something unsettlingly realistic about how each of the interviews with the three serial killers - Edmund Kemper, Richard Speck and Jerry Brudos - are conducted.

As with most serial killer cases, there's a wealth of information that's publicly available which informs both the actors and their performance and, more pointedly, how the directors of Mindhunter stage the interviews.

Not surprisingly, a huge amount of the interviews conducted over the years have now been uploaded to YouTube and they're pretty chilling to say the least. One such interview, with Edmund Kemper, was done as part of a French documentary and sees him - much like he does in Mindhunter - casually explaining the apparent motivation behind his crimes.

The interviews have resurfaced online since Mindhunter's popularity.


Via YouTube