Off the back of the success of 'WandaVision' from last year, there's rumoured to be a follow-up in the pipeline which will focus on Vision.

Is the android dead? Apparently not. A Vision TV series is reportedly in early development for Disney+, which will focus on the Paul Bettany synthezoid who disappeared at the very end of 'WandaVision'.

Believed to be titled 'Vision Quest', the series is expected to re-introduce the character who has already died three times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But sure, what's the harm in bringing them back for one more adventure for the fans, eh?

The last we saw of the character, he was going around Wanda's Westview battling... himself. After going cape-to-cape for a brief moment during the climax of 'WandaVision', The White Vision ends up getting some memories back and flies away into the distance - while Wanda's made-up Vision disintegrates with her two boys. If true, it does seem likely we'll get an explanation of what happened next to the soulless android created by S.W.O.R.D.

The 'Vision Quest' TV series tip comes from 'The Hot Mic' podcast insider Jeff Sneider. He revealed "that next week, Marvel will be opening a writers' room for a Vision show", but he "doesn't know if it'll be that storyline" that's lifted brought from the comics to the small screen.

Marvel Comics' 'Vision Quest' event was created by legendary Marvel writer and artist John Byrne in 1985. As part of the West Coast Avengers comic, the storyline involves Vision getting kidnapped and having his memory wiped, turning him into the chalk-white version we've already seen. Given that some of this has already played out in 'WandaVision' (and Vision was pretty much ignored in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'), let's see what can be made from bringing the character back in for a sequel series.

There are plenty of other different avenues the series could go in, including another Vision storyline from 2015 which saw him try to build his own family á la Wanda as Scarlet Witch, but we likely won't know any new information for a while - if the story turns out to be true.

The next Marvel Cinematic release will be 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' which hits cinemas on November 11.