A clip from 'Wandavision' episode 7 has landed online. It appears to depict a low-spirited Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) regretting her actions from when we last saw her.

'Wandavision' episode 7 lands on Disney+ tomorrow (Friday 19th February).

A clip for it sees Wanda's twin sons Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy Maximoff (Julian Hilliard) complain to her that things are acting strange.

It would seem the superheroine's powers are acting out of sorts yet again.

The boys are playing a video game when suddenly their consoles turn retro and then change into Uno cards.

Billy also complains that his head is hurting - "it's like really noisy. I don't like it" - which could be indicative of even bigger problems.

Wanda brushes the twins away and stays in bed, where she is still dressed in her Halloween costume.

She tells the camera: "As punishment for my reckless evening, I plan on taking a quarantine style vacation. A whole day, just myself. That'll show me."

She seems to be attempting some form of damage control but if last week's episode is anything to go by, things are simply getting to out of hand.

Watch the clip, titled 'We've All Been There', here.


All episodes of 'Wandavision' are streaming on Disney+ now.