Whose song has been stuck in our heads all week? It was Agatha's all along. *SPOILERS BELOW*

'Agatha All Along' is officially our favourite track of 2021. The 'WandaVision' bop debuted on last week's seventh episode of the MCU series, revealing that Katherine Hahn's character Agnes isn't who she says she was all along.

After Wanda's brief search for Billy and Tommy in her neighbour's house, she discovers that Agnes has a basement which looks witchingly suspicious. She finally reveals her hidden identity and her name - the powerful witch named Agatha Harkness.

After this, the mother of all reveals, she did one even better and dropped a surprise song reveal too. Now, 'WandaVision' has had its bops throughout the series, but this one tops them all.

'Agatha All Along' has been everywhere on the internet this past week - it's even been released as a single - and someone has taken the time to edit together a montage of the MCU superheroes dancing to the track.

Here's Agatha's 'WandaVision' bop for you - MCU music video style.

Have you caught up on episode eight of the series already? We'll be publishing our reaction article to the newest episode later today, so check back in with us soon.

During the week, MCU boss Kevin Feige discussed Evan Peters' being included in the series; while Teyonah Parris, who plays Monica Rambeau, also teased what's in store for her character as the series heads towards its climax.

There's only one more episode to be released on Disney+, with the series finale premiering next Friday, March 5.