The series where contestants attempt to keep their hands off of each other for a shedload of cash is on the return.

And it's not just one more series that 'Too Hot To Handle' has been renewed for, but two. In case you didn't already know the premise of the show, if the contestants manage to make it to the end of the four weeks without any sexual contact, then they end up splitting the $100,000 cash prize between them.

In the first series, there were 10 contestants who made it to the end. The remaining pot of $75,000 was divided up between each of the winners.

Netflix made the second series announcement on their Twitter earlier today.

This new iteration of the show will be slightly different from first time around, as production is moving location away from Mexico. According to Deadline, the second and third series will be shot in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which are near Cuba.

Production is currently underway, and the series has apparently already been casting and filming the next batch of contestants in secret under the fake TV show name 'Parties In Paradise'.

In case you need a reminder of what happened in the first series, Netflix created a handy "hook up" recap for every time people lost money on the show.