Good news for fans of 'Too Hot to Handle' as the contestants will reunite for a special episode.

Akin to the reunion episode that came after Netflix's dating series 'Love Is Blind', 'Too Hot to Handle' follows suit.

Except for the fact that due to quarantine, the contestants will be getting together virtually.

The series saw ten beautiful young things from around the world gather at a villa believing they were in for a 'Love Island'-esque experience.

They then learn that there's no kissing, canoodling or sex allowed.

If they break the rules, money is taken away from the $100k cash prize.

The upcoming special is titled 'Extra Hot: The Reunion' and promises "fresh updates, frisky banter and a series of spicy games" with the contestants.

Couple Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago became fan favorites and are still together.

They'll be talking about making their relationship work long distance.

Mind you, not all the couples are still together...

Series narrator Desiree Burch will be the host as she interviews all the retreat guests via video chats.

The special debuts this weekend.

'Too Hot to Handle' is streaming worldwide on Netflix now. The 'Extra Hot' reunion will premiere on Friday (May 8th) on Netflix.