Over the past few weeks, episodes of the 'Too Hot to Handle' chat show spin-off 'Extra Hot' have been dropping on Youtube.

The third and final part involves a zoom reunion (much like last year's special) with its participants.

Host of 'Extra Hot' is Chloe, who fans of 'Too Hot to Handle' should recognise from the 2020 edition of the Netflix series.

In the reunion special, she interviews couples Marvin (the winner of the series) and Melinda, Nathan and Elle, and Cam and Emily.

She also catches up with Carly, Chase, Joey and Tabitha, and runs down the best moments of the series.

Check it out.

You can watch the previous two episodes of 'Extra Hot' now too.

Here the 'Too Hot to Handle' cast break down episodes one through four of the show.

In the first episode, they get to know the cast.

You can stream 'Too Hot to Handle' on Netflix now.