If you adored 'Love Island' and 'Love Is Blind' and are feeling like there's a gap in your TV watching, fear not. Netflix has you covered.

The streaming service is launching a new dating series called 'Too Hot To Handle' this weekend.

It's very 'Love Island'-esque as it sees ten young, attractive, bikini and togs-wearing singletons escape to a tropical paradise in the hopes of hooking up.

But it turns out, there's a catch. The participants are not allowed to have sex or even kiss. The idea is they're being challenged to make a genuine emotional connection (kind of like 'Love Is Blind').

Every time they slip up and overly kanoodle, they miss out on prize money. The grand prize is $100,000.

You can watch the trailer for it below.


There might be another reason to tune in as one of the contestants on the series is Irish.

Nicole O'Brien is from Co. Cork and announced on Instagram her excitement over participating in the show.

She wrote: "IM ON NETFLIX. Wow, this moment feels so surreal. I’ve been wanting to share this secret for so long and I’m so excited to say I’ll be on your screens on the 17th of April.

"Be prepared to laugh and cry because this series is going to give you all the feels! It’s so honest and real and I’m sharing a side to me not many people know about so this is pretty scary! I’m excited to start this journey and share it with best friends from all over the world"



'Too Hot to Handle' kicks off on Netflix this Friday, 17 April.