If the idea of watching a TV show based on a group of young, beautiful people in a tropical paradise sounds like your idea of heaven, then chances are that you're already caught up on Netflix's next big reality series.

Taking a leaf out of 'Love Island', and coming at us as we still try to get over that 'Love is Blind' season finale, the newest Netflix series to hit our screens makes for perfect binge-worthy TV in the current climate. We might as well watch the 'Too Hot to Handle' cast enjoy themselves on a tropical paradise while we sit inside.

The eight-part series arrived on Netflix over the weekend and follows a group of ten singletons who are looking for love. The only catch is - they aren't allowed to get up to any hanky panky for their stay at the retreat, in the hopes of walking away with the massive $100,000 prize.

One of the show's cast, Cork contestant Nicole O'Brien, recently did an interview with Collider on her time on the show, and she spilled the beans as to what she and the rest of the 'Too hot to Handle' cast knew before going in. Not that much it turns out.

Nicole said: "We went in completely blinded to the fact that there was gonna be this huge twist. I’m genuinely serious. We had no idea, so when that hit, people will see our reactions; we were in complete shock and we were like, ‘How come this is happening? I thought we were going to just do bits and have fun.’ But it really changed everyone individually.

"It was like, yes, in a way it’s hard not to do anything, but when you’re stuck in that situation, it’s hard for the public to imagine how you can genuinely feel.

"But having that time and when you’re in there, it all just comes to a head and you just get so overwhelmed with things that were constantly pushed to the surface. So yeah, it was definitely an eye-opener for all of us."

When asked how the show was pitched to her before being cast, Nicole said it had "'Love Island' vibes", so there was the prospect of meeting the love of her life.

She continued: "They said it was a dating show, so I instantly assume, ‘Okay, Love Island vibes, maybe. I go in, I meet a fit boy, might come out with a boyfriend.’ My parents are constantly saying, ‘Nicole, when are you getting a boyfriend? Like, come on!’ And I’m like, ‘No, hun, I’m just having fun partying!’ So I just thought, ‘Okay, I’ll do this. I might find someone.’

"Then it just did a complete turn, and it’s the complete opposite in terms of how I pictured myself finding someone because you’re not allowed to do anything. So yeah, I thought I was gonna find someone and, you know, we had bits and pieces of people, but people have to stay tuned and watch how my journey turns out."

In case you haven't already been binging, 'Too Hot to Handle' is available to watch now on Netflix.