On the day that 'The Disaster Artist' gets added to Netflix, the inspiration behind it won't be appearing on the service anytime soon.

That's according to the infamous Tommy Wiseau - creator, brainchild, star of, and director behind 'The Room' - who has said that Netflix passed on adding his 2003 cult movie to their film collection.

The Polish-born actor-turned-filmmaker has gained god-like status for his off-kilter performance of banker Johnny in the so bad it's good drama, with his on-screen fiancee Lisa ("Why, Lisa, why, WHY?!") and their love triangle with Johnny's best friend Mark ("Oh hi Mark").

Anyway, a fan of 'The Room' decided to ask Timmy Wiseau about 'The Disaster Artist' being added to Netflix, to see if he ever considered adding his title to their ever-growing library.

Jordan Carver asked: "Oh hi Tommy, hey I saw that the disaster artist is coming to Netflix. Can the room go on there as well? Anyway how is your sex life?"

Wiseau responded to the first question only, simply saying "Netflix said no".

And social media users took the filmmaker's response and ran with it, of course.

Maybe with all the attention Wiseau's response has been receiving, Netflix might change their mind. Although, depending how much the filmmaker was charging the streaming giant for the movie to be on the service, maybe it'll never happen. As Johnny says, "I'm fed up with this world!"