'Three Men and a Baby' is the latest movie classic to get the reboot treatment. With Zac Efron set to headline, we reckon this actually might work.

'Three Men and a Baby' originally starred Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson and Tom Selleck as the titular three men.

Released in 1987, Leonard Nimoy directed the touching comedy (yup, random), which follows three bachelors who find themselves forced into pseudo-fatherhood when an infant is left at their New York apartment.

It was the biggest box office hit of the year when it hit cinemas.

It also inspired a 1990 sequel, 'Three Men and a Little Lady'.

Both movies are now on Disney+ which is also behind this remake.

The remake was originally announced a couple of years back but now it's finally gaining momentum.

Will Reichel ('Hot Air') is writing the script, though there's no director attached for the moment.

Gordon Gray ('The Rookie', 'The Way Back') is producing.

It's fitting that Efron should star in the Disney movie since the House of Mouse helped him break through to stardom with the 'High School Musical' trilogy.

The actor's latest venture was the series 'Down to Earth with Zac Efron' on Netflix.

THR broke the news of the remake.

No start date for production yet and further casting announcements are yet to be made.