'Love Is Blind' season two aired earlier this year and we watched as two couples went on to get married — Iyanna married Jarrette and Danielle married Nick. At the reunion, we saw that many couples who had fallen in love during the experiment, like Shayne and Natalie or Sal and Mallory, had struggled with their relationship after one of them said "no" at the altar.

Now, Netflix has gifted fans with a three-episode special exploring the life of the contestants one year after appearing on the reality show. In the newly released episodes we watched as, spoilers alert, Deepti and Kyle got together, Shaina got engaged to her new fella, and Iyanna and Jarrette discussed issues they were having in their marriage.

A lot went down over the course of these three episodes, so let's take a look at what everyone thought about all the drama over on Twitter.

Do you ship Deepti and Kyle?

Shayne and Shaina's relationship continues to raise eyebrows.

Love for Natalie.

Shake's absence was welcomed.

People were not happy about Sal bringing his new girlfriend on the cast trip.

Team Iyanna.


Ultimately, we know that none of these relationships worked out; before 'After The Altar' aired, Iyanna and Jarrette announced that they were getting a divorce. Despite keeping up appearances on these 'After The Altar' episodes, Danielle and Nick also announced that they were also filing for divorce a matter of weeks ago. Plus, Kyle just released an Instagram statement sharing that he and Deepti broke up.

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