What's supposed to be one of the happiest days of both Katie and her fiancé's lives takes a turn for the gruesome when at their wedding reception, her husband and his entire family is murdered. Cluedo vibes, right?

Love has never been so bloody tricky in 'Wedding Season'. Like, literally — there's a mass murder at a wedding and nobody knows for sure who is responsible. But some people are quick to point fingers.

The trailer shows Stefan interrupt a wedding ceremony by booming into the church all Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' style and objecting to the holy matrimony of Katie and her soon to be hubby. Who's Katie? Well sure isn't she only a woman he met a few weeks ago with whom he's having an affair.

When his objection doesn't go down well, he heads back home and mid cuppa, armed police barge his door down. His high up on the list of suspects who may be responsible for the poisoning of Katie's fiancé and his entire family at the afters. Stressful.

He may get off scot-free though, since there's also massive suspicion that Katie offed them herself. So what's left for the pair to do other than go on the run? The trailer hops, skips, and leaps along to 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' by Jet and sets the tone for what should be a super suspenseful series.

'Wedding Season' will air on Disney+ on the 8th of September.