Last night the season two premiere of 'The Kardashians' aired on Disney+ and viewers watched as headlines from the last few months played out onscreen. Khloé discussed her ex Tristan Thompson's infidelity and how she felt he manipulated her into having a second child with him via surrogate.

While we've all seen the headlines over the last few months, it was difficult to watch as Khloé discovered that Tristan was having a secret baby with another woman behind her back while encouraging her to have another child with him.

Online, fans and viewers expressed their, ahem, dismay towards the basketball player as the emotional scenes in the first episode of 'The Kardashians' season two played out before their eyes.

A summary of events.

Sympathy for Khloé.

Vitriol for Tristan.

Parallel universe.

Kris giving the baby shower no one wanted.

Deep analysis.

Kylie said it right.

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