In 2018, 'The Princess Switch' won over audiences at home and critics. Thus it quickly got the green light for s follow-up.

The original saw a talented baker and duchess (as well as fiancée to a prince) who look identical switch lives for two days. Now, in 'The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again', Stacy and Margaret decide to swap identities again.

Vanessa Hudgens plays both characters. In the sequel, she also plays Margaret's wicked cousin, Lady Fiona, who threatens to derail their plans.

Romance is in the air again as Margaret comes to term with her feelings for Kevin (Nick Sagar).

Fans of the first movie are not going to want to miss what happens next.

They'll also be happy to hear that a third movie is in the works and set for release in 2021.

'The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again' premieres on Thursday, November 19th.

Here's the trailer.