It's a debate as old as time itself (well, not really). Which is better? 'The Office' UK edition or 'The US Office'?

It's a hard one to argue, as although the framing device is the same, the reality is that they're vastly different animals with almost an entirely different trajectory. Ricky Gervais' focused on the drudgery of everyday life. The other 'The Office' (to give its full title, 'The Office: An American Workplace') found more humour in increasingly cartoonish manners.

It might have been unrealistic in places, but it nevertheless lasted for seven seasons and became a pop culture phenomenon in its time. The reason we're talking about this? From today, you can watch all episodes of 'The US Office' on Netflix Ireland and UK.

So how well do you remember it?

We've come up with ten questions that covers a pretty broad range of topics. As always, no Googling, no cheating and let us know what score you got in the comments!