Although the series ran for just four seasons, the impact 'The OC' had on popular culture cannot be denied.

It gave Phantom Planet their one and only hit, and helped to launch the careers of Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie, not to mention give musical acts like The Killers, Modest Mouse, our own lads The Thrills, and others a chance to perform in the Bait Shop.

In fact, Imgoen Heap's 'Hide & Seek' became such a hit that it even spawned an 'SNL' sketch with none other than Bill Hader and Andy Samberg taking the piss out of a key scene from the series.

The '00s teen drama will be added to All 4's library from January 22nd, with All 4 available in Ireland either through set-top boxes or the app.

Just for another blast of nostalgia, here's Phantom Planet.