This is a spoiler-free look at Netflix's most addictive reality TV show yet.

We love a competition series with high stakes and high drama, but nothing could have prepared us for the level of backstabbing that 'The Mole' has been able to concoct.

Just in case you aren't already glued to Netflix the hottest (and most burn-worthy) show on the streamer, here's everything you need to know.

What's the deal with 'The Mole'?

It's a seriously high-stakes competition series wherein 12 US contestants must work together to win money for their growing prize pot by competing in various challenges all based around the east coast of Australia. The challenges they have to face range from the psychological, the physical, and the peculiar, with each successful win adding money to the overall prize one of them could walk away with during the season finale.

It all sounds rather easy, right? Work together and win money - easy. However, in the words of the great Dwight Schrute from 'The Office' - "Wrong!"

11 of these contestants are out to win money - but one of them is not. That's right, one of these people AKA "The Mole" is out to sabotage this group's prize pot, At any opportunity they can, they are attempting to take money away from the group by any way possible, while also trying to be a "team player".

Both the group of contestants AND the viewers at home have no idea who this is, which means that everyone everyone is watching out for even the slightest slip-up to believe that Player X is "The Mole". With 12 "contestants" to watch out for - it could be any one of them who is only out for themselves.

At the end of each day, the remaining contestants must answer a series of 20 questions about who they think is most likely to be The Mole. Questions vary from the type of clothing The Mole was wearing that day, what part they played in the task, or even more personal questions like how many siblings The Mole has. It's a very big stab in the dark for all of those answering who AREN'T The Mole, and whoever gets the least amount of questions correct will be removed from the competition immediately.

Should contestants not want to take the test, which could potentially get them dropped out of the show for good, at various points throughout the series an Excemption opportunity can arise. However, winning an Excemption usually means no money is added to the prize pot - meaning the contestants must either choose a win for the group - or a win for themselves and a pass through to the next round.

It's all totally brutal, unfair and incredibly difficult - meaning it makes for popcorn TV.

This sounds familiar...

For those clued up on their reality TV, 'The Mole' won't be a totally new concept. The series originally aired over in the US via ABC for five seasons between 2001 - 2008, but Netflix bought up the rights for this sixth season of the game show.

The franchise proved popular overseas and has been adapted for multiple countries. Finland, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden are currently running local-language versions.

The cast of 'The Mole' on Netflix

What's so great about it?

Oh, dear reader, it's everything. There's something incredibly satifying watching a reality TV series such as this where you're left just as much in the dark as the players that are attempting to win. It makes it feel like you're also part of the game - contestant 13 if you will.

Obviously, the series is filmed in such a way that it's impossible to trust any of these players - anyone could be lying. Or maybe no-one is lying? Thankfully, it's almost impossible to tell. In reality, any of these contestants could be The Mole. Too nice? The Mole. Oh, you haven't won a challenge? The Mole. You're too talkative? *Ding ding ding* The Mole. It's fascinating watching the talking heads pieces to camera by the competitors as they accuse different people as being the deceptor. We know that one of them is lying, it's just a matter of figuring out which one it could be.

The challenges are mostly very well-executed, all of which are overseen by the show's likeable host, Alex Wagner. Alex takes a relaxed approach to the series, and when not dealing out rules at the top of a challenge, she often chats with the contestants while they're shooting the breeze. It's a nice little breakaway from a seriously chaotic show, and she's really hands-on which is fascinating to see.

Let's just take a moment to give a slow round of applause for The Mole. Imagine how stressful it is to know what you know and not give yourself away. Or maybe they want to give themselves away? Or would that be too obvious? It's all one big mind f**k.

Okay, you've got me - tell me anything else I need to know

See? It didn't take that long to convice you. We've only just scratched the level of chaos that this series brings with it. There's far too much backstabbing and jaw on the floor moments for us to divulge - so get watching now to see what you're missing out on.

At the time of writing, the first eight episodes of the series are available to watch on Netflix, with the final two episodes dropping on October 21.

Watch 'The Mole' on Netflix now.