If nothing else comes out of this current pandemic, it's people giving the likes of 'The Mandalorian' a go and figuring out why the rest of us are so nuts about it.

It's not just that it's got a laser-pointed cutie in Baby Yoda (or Grogu, if you want to be more specific), but it's also got some excellent guest performances from the likes of Bill Burr, Timothy Olyphant, Rosario Dawson and many more.

Residents in Los Angeles, however, have managed to get closer to the main character. Not in spotting Pedro Pascal walking around, but rather someone dressed as The Mandalorian zipping by them in traffic on an electric skateboard.

A masked local resident has been spotted numerous times by locals weaving in and out of traffic, all while fully clad in Mandalorian armour. To top it all off, the skateboarding bounty hunter even has a life-size Baby Yoda on his person. Speaking to NBC, the skateboarder - a stand-up comedian called Tim Brehmer - explained why he's doing it.

"This whole thing got started because I'm a big box of stupid and I love making people laugh, and when quarantine hit, they were talking about 2022, that we wouldn't be able to perform again," Brehmer told NBC. "And a friend of mine was like, 'dude, the world is your stage, go act on it!'... There's no greater feeling in the world, and with some people with depression, a pill can help, with some people therapy can help, with me, this is my therapy."

Brehmer also pointed out that different sections of the population seem to react different. Police, for example, find it hilarious, while women only seem to notice Baby Yoda on his person. "As long as they're smiling as I zoom by, that's all I care about and that's the only medicine I really need," Brehmer added.

Here's some videos spotted online of him out and about.



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