Last month, Netflix delivered a three-episode 'Love Is Blind' special called 'After The Altar' and just when you thought the series couldn't possibly get any more dramatic, Netflix has dropped the trailer for season three of the most chaotic reality dating show, like, ever.

Despite the fact that none of the couples from season two of 'Love Is Blind' have stayed together, Netflix is back at it again for season three, asking whether or not love can truly be blind.

The trailer just dropped for the upcoming season set to air on the 19th of October (less thank two weeks — ah!) and by the looks of things, it could be the most dramatic season to date. Yep, for realsies.

One of the contestants asks "am I really going to meet my wife in a grocery store?". While that sounds like they've never seen 'Fresh' before, it beckons the truth that people are rarely finding love in real life anymore.

From the trailer, we can discern that we've got our standard 'Love Is Blind' á la carte stories, from people falling head over heels in love before they've even met, to the couple who struggle in the "real world" after forming a connection sight unseen.

Another fresh storyline is hinted at, when two of the lads are chatting about the experiment and one suggests that "we should just swap fiancées". Gasp. Could you imagine?

We can also guarantee that the infamous gold wine glasses are back and for some reason, it seems like this season will be littered with cowboy hats for some reason, at least if the trailer is anything to go by.

'Love Is Blind' season three airs on Netflix on the 19th of October.