Netflix has dropped the trailer for 'The Figo Affair', a new feature documentary focusing on Luis Figo's controversial transfer from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid.

Figo, one of the most talented footballers of his generation, switched allegiances to his club's bitter rivals in 2000. It was a move that shook the footballing world to its core.

The Spanish-language documentary (also called 'El Caso Figo') reveals the engrossing story of how Figo’s transfer came to pass. The story is a twisting tale of backroom deals, a truly historic sporting rivalry, and a deep cultural divide.

The Portuguese legend played five seasons at Barca before his controversial move. Despite protestations on his behalf, the transfer went through and he became a derided figure in Catalonia.

An infamous incident where a Barcelona fan threw a severed pig's head onto the pitch in front of Figo sums up the hatred felt towards him at the time.

The documentary features interviews from Figo himself, alongside legends of the game like Pep Guardiola. Award-winning duo David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas direct. The duo also directed the Netflix documentary biopic 'Pelé'.

"After the success of 'Pelé', Ben and I were delighted to partner with Netflix again on 'El Caso Figo',” Tryhorn said. “It’s increasingly hard to find sports documentaries that are saying something new, that aren’t simply biographies or histories of sporting successes. So we believe 'El Caso Figo' is unique. Focusing on the transfer rather than Figo’s career, the film informs us about truth, greed, morality, and the inner workings of the world’s most popular sport."

He added: "We were delighted that all those involved in the deal were willing to participate in full. Everyone, from Florentino Peréz to Pep Guardiola, was generous with their time. But Luís Figo was particularly accommodating, desperate as he was to finally set the record straight after two decades of avoiding the question of his transfer."

'The Figo Affair' releases on Netflix on August 25.