The new cast will be embracing their roles within the Royal family over the summer months.

To say that we're looking forward to seeing 'The Crown' season five would be an understatement. We are fiendishly excited to see how the next entry in the Netflix series plays out, especially considering season four was such a triumph.

There are a number of reasons to look forward to the season, the most obvious of which is the changing of the cast. The first couple of episodes of season three, when the first revamping of the cast occurred, allowed for brief moments of "Who is that again?", and no doubt that'll be happening when season five rolls around.

According to Variety, Left Bank Pictures will begin shooting 'The Crown' season five in the UK this July. Elstree Studios outside of London will once again be the main filming location. Given the timeline for production, and allowing extra time for COVID-19, we'll likely see the series on Netflix sometime in the first quarter of 2022.

As always, the standard of the cast this time around is rather impressive. Taking over the reigns of The Queen from Olivia Colman will be Imelda Staunton; Lesley Manville will replace Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret; Jonathan Pryce will be Prince Philip, taking over from Tobias Menzies; Elizabeth Debicki stars as Princess Diana, replacing Emma Corin; while Josh O'Connor's Prince Charles will be portrayed by Dominic West.

The 1990s is expected to be where the majority storyline of 'The Crown' season five will take place. The Prime Minister of the UK is always a hot topic of discussion in the series, and only two men took on the mantle during this time period; John Major and Tony Blair. There have been rumours as to who could be playing these figures, but no confirmation as of yet.