No doubt you or someone you know has been watching the fourth season of 'The Crown' this past week and won't shut up about it.

While there's plenty to like about the new season, and the series as a whole, it's completely understandable for people to be turned off by the idea of the show. After all, it's perpetuating royalty when it stopped being remotely useful or even relevant about 800 years ago, the British royal family has had ties with Nazism and fascism over the years, and is basically out of touch with reality.

Anyway, all that aside, maybe people just don't have the time to commit to a Netflix series when there are so many out there, not to mention every other form of entertainment out there. So, what to do when you want to keep up with the buzzy shows, but don't want to commit to watching them?

Well, in this instance, Scottish comedian Kieran Hodgson has gone out and done you all a solid by recapping the entire fourth season in a little over two minutes, and by playing all the characters in the process - including an impression of Margaret Thatcher so on-the-nose that it made us violently angry for a moment to think she might be alive again.

Take a look.