RuPaul has announced the 12 new "talented, drop-dead gorgeous queens" that will be gracing our screens come the 22nd of September for season four of the UK spin-off of the hit show. The standard protocol is in place, squirrel-friends — the 'Meet the Queens' video is out and here's everything we know about the upcoming cast.

Jonbers Blonde is our Irish queen hailing from Belfast, serving 'Clueless' as a "high fashion pig" with her introductory look, she's treating the competition like it's the Met Gala. We've also got everything from the first bearded queen on RPDR UK looking like "a chicken on acid" to a drag bumblebee, London's "Afro-punk princess" lip sync assassin and a Gerry Hallowell impersonator.

As per usual, the drag names are gas this season and the cast comes across as much more raw than the polished queens in the U.S seasons. Now, hang onto your wigs, we're taking a look at the 12 queens competing for that UK crown.

Danny Beard, 29

Danny Beard is a well known queen, at least according to herself, "I think it's fair to say I am a bit of an icon". She sells herself as a looks queen, as well as a "mogul" and an "influenza". Non-conformist, club kid, and old-school, she wants to show the world that she's got chops.

Baby, 25

Apparently, the word on the street is that Baby is "it", whatever "it" means. Her style is heavily influenced by her culture "my drag is pretty, it's punk, but it's always very Black". She claims to be something of a lip sync assassin, at least at a Prosecco Brunch.

Jonbers Blonde, 33

This queen makes no secret of the fact that she is as stylish as a model but as raw and "mucky" as a pig. As "East London royalty", she's worked with Nadine Coyle, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Sam Smith, Years and Years, and Mel C.

Cheddar Gorgeous, 38

According to Ms. Gorgeous, she is a "Living spectacle, cultural icon, and of course I am the queen bee of Manchester". Yet again, she claims to be a pretty well known, international star and attempts to push the boundaries of drag.

Just May, 32

Here you have the world's premiere Ginger Spice impersonator. Essex through and through, she's serving Gemma Collins if you ask us and in the best way possible. With ten years of drag experience, this queen "puts smiles on people's faces" with her wit.

Starlet, 23

Starlet is the "polished pinup of season four", serving old Hollywood glamour, darling. She eats, sleeps, and breathes drag, loving to have "all eyes on [her] at all times" with her very aesthetics-focused style. She may be a look queen, but she reckons her competitors shouldn't underestimate her.

Sminty Drop, 23

Meet this "sexy, cyber super-model from space". Turning looks and stunting pretty, she's not just a look queen, she's a "party gal". Extremely competitive, she plans to "slice, dice, chop up the runway" in a ginormous pair of heels.

Black Peppa, 29

This Caribbean queen is introduced as straight "off of the pages of Vogue". She seems like a bit of a gas ticket, revealing that her name comes from none other than Ms. Peppa Pig, who we all know as the sass queen who hung up the phone when her friend couldn't whistle. We have to stan.

Pixie Polite, 29

Being "the campest cow in the South East", Pixie has a lot of famous drag sisters in the UK — Sum Ting Wong, Bagga Chips, and she's even dated Tia Kofi. She's a triple threat, a singer, dancer, actress and like "a cut of prime beef" she claims to be the best of British.

Dakota Schiffer, 22

Making herstory, Dakota is the first queen to represent the trans community on the UK version of the show. She says "my icon is Sharon Tate in 'Valley of the Dolls'. I watched everything that she's ever been in". A glam nerd, there's more to her than meets the eye.

Le Fil, 36

A Chinese popstar made in the North of England, this queen has character. As an "androgynous Asian sensation", her drag is a mashup of her passions; music, art, fashion, and sculpture. Fun fact: her first time in drag, she dressed up as a "femme" oyster.

Copper Tall, 38

Describing herself as "pantomime", "camp", and "ginger" it seems like Copper is likely to do anything for shock factor. She doesn't take herself too seriously and proudly boasts of her former life as "the face of a famous bingo brand".

Soooo, there you have it. This seems like an extremely confident bunch of queens — with so many who more or less claim to be the best in biz, we can't wait to see how this series goes. Who is your front-runner? Our favourite is Jobers Blonde, we've gotta back the Irish queen.

'Drag Race UK' will air on WOW Presents Plus on the 22nd of September.