"It's time. You have lost."

The 'Stranger Things' season four trailer is here! And we've got a lot of questions after watching it.

By the looks of the trailer below, the Duffer Brothers have really pulled out the big guns on this season. Here's the three minutes and 16 seconds trailer.

So, yes, there's a lot to unpack from our first look at 'Stranger Things' season four. Our first question: how does Journey's 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)' sound so damn good? Second: does Max (Sadie Sink) have superpowers now? Third: is time travel being introduced? Fourth: what in the live-action Skeletor hell is about to be unleashed?

The fantasy/sci-fi series returns this May, and to be honest, this trailer has us very excited about what's to come. Netflix had been building up anticipation for the trailer to drop, teasing fans yesterday evening with a YouTube countdown for its release.

Having always been quite a dark/coming-of-age tale about a young gifted stranger, the kidnapping and possession of children, and that terrifying world know as The Upside Down, it looks like this season could be the series' darkest yet. It certainly makes sense, given how much older the young cast members are since the first season.

Creators The Duffer Brothers teased earlier in the week that there will be three storylines this season, which will all crossover: The Byers family and Eleven in California; Hopper in Russia; and the youngsters in Hawkins. They also said that none of the episodes will clock in at under an hour.

'Stranger Things' season four, Volume one premieres on Netflix on May 27. Volume two begins on July 1.