'Running Up That Hill' has been charting all over the world thanks to the latest season of the Netflix series.

If there's one thing that can be said for the hit Netflix show, it's that the music is top-notch. From the zing of the opening credits synthesizer, to the use of classic '80s bops sprinkled throughout, 'Stranger Things' has a fondness for killer beats. And Kate Bush, who managed (in a roundabout way) to save the life of one of the characters in the latest series, has been rising up the music charts thanks to her presence in season four.

The pop icon's 'Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)' features prominently in the first volume of the series' return, with Sadie Sink's character Max having her iconic song on repeat on her cassette player. As the season continues, and The Upside Down's Vecna begins to wreak havoc on innocent teens, Max begins to slip under the monster's control.

However, when it looks like all is lost, the quick-thinking of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) sees him realise there's a connection between Max's favourite song and getting her out of his control.

And now thanks to 'Stranger Things', Kate Bush is back in the music charts. As of Sunday, the 1985 track was placed number one on the iTunes charts in both the US and Canada, number five in the UK, and number seven in the irish charts. On Spotify, the track has faired less popular, but still entered the top 200, and is currently number 49 in the Irish charts.

Google-search traffic for the song has also skyrocketed, either getting us oldies back into the sweet lyrics of the pop icon - or, more likely, introducing a younger generation to the hit-maker.

As well as 'Stranger Things' season four featuring Kate Bush, this new entry of the Netflix show also features other big '80s names in the track list, including The Beach Boys, Dead or Alive, Talking Heads, Falco and KISS.

'Stranger Things' season four is currently the number one most-watched title on Netflix since its release on Friday. In our review of the first four episodes of the season, we enjoyed our first trp back to Hawkins in three years, but hoped that the later episodes would deal out more answers. Should the plots and performances continue to impress, by the time the final two episodes appear, we could be looking at a glowing five-star review.

'Stranger Things' season four volume one (seven episodes) are currently streaming on Netflix. Volume two (two extra-long episodes) will be available from July 1.