'Space Force' has been picked up and is going straight to series on Netflix.

Steve Carell and his former 'US Office' showrunner Greg Daniels, will team up for a satirical version of Donald Trump's idea to have a team in space as the sixth form of military service.

Carell will star in the series, and will also act as executive producer with Daniels. Not much is known about 'Space Force' as of yet - except that it will most likely be the space version of 'The US Office.' And that's all we need to know to get excited.

Here's the trailer from Netflix, that doesn't reveal too much.


And 'The US Office' memes snowballed from there, with fans thrilled with the news.

There's been no mention yet of when we can expect 'Space Force' to arrive on Netflix yet. And considering Irish Netflix users don't have the luxury of watching Carell's 'US Office' adventures on the streaming website, 'Space Force' can't come quick enough.

In case you missed his recent appearance on 'SNL,' Carell took part in a skit that may have fuelled plans for the series. Here's a teaser of the type of comedy we might expect from 'Space Force.'

Via The Hollywood Reporter.