It's been a pretty disastrous week for cinemas between Cineworld temporarily closing all its branches and another slew of movies, including 'The Batman', 'Dune' and 'Jurassic World: Dominion', getting postponed. This latest indicates further trouble for the industry.

The latest movie from Disney Pixar, titled 'Soul', is skipping cinemas and heading straight to Disney+.

The film was originally intended for a theatrical release last June, and then got postponed to November.

Now the film will be available on Disney's exclusive streaming service from Christmas Day 2020.

Like 'Mulan', 'Soul' will play theatrically in countries where Disney+ isn't available.

But unlike 'Mulan', it doesn't come at a premium price (for the live action remake, this was €21.99).

It has no additional cost, being included in the standard monthly or annual subscription fee.

'Soul' is the second movie from Disney Pixar this year after 'Onward' hit cinemas earlier this year.

Its protagonist is a jazz musician and teacher named Joe voiced by Jamie Foxx.

When his soul becomes separated from his body, he finds himself in a place called The Before.

There he befriends a cynical soul named 22 (voiced by Tina Fey), who he convinces to help him find his way back to his body.

Pete Docter ('Monsters Inc.', 'Up') and Kemp Powers ('One Night in Miami') co-directed it.

'Soul' comes to Disney+ on 25 December.