With the near endless list of On-Demand services and shows, it's easy to miss a cracking series or two.

However, it's our duty to highlight some shows that may have slipped past you unnoticed, that, in our opinion, deserve more love. They might even be on your list and you just haven't gotten around to them yet. Either way, take a look below at some real gems that we think require your immediate attention.

'Slow Horses' - Apple TV+

Gary Oldman stars as the grouchy M15 agent Jackson Lamb who heads a group of agents who have all somehow messed up their careers in the field. While working in the dingy Slough House, the agents are suddenly in the mix to take down a huge domestic terrorist threat.

The series, which only came out last month, will hook you in immediately with its ragtag cast of characters and engaging storyline. It's a real binge-worthy show that leaves you white-knuckled until the very end. Luckily, season one and two were filmed back to back. So we don't have long to wait until another season comes our way. It could even be Oldman's last hurrah on screen, so, even more reason not to miss it!

'Hacks' - Prime TV

The excellent Jean Smart stars as veteran comedian Deborah Vance who tries to keep up with the times by hiring a young joke writer (Hannah Einbinder). Met with critical success, the comedy has quickly become a cult favourite. It's packed with laughs but also has an emotional and heartfelt range that Smart can tackle so well.

The first season of the show came out last year and has just been added to Prime. Season two is also currently airing on HBO. It's well worth a watch, even just for Jean Smart alone.

'The Curse' - All4

With the rise of digital streamers like Netflix, Prime and Apple TV+, it's easy to overlook the humble All4. But do so at your peril, as there are loads of gems available to watch for free. One such shiny treasure is 'The Curse'.

Set in 1980's London, 'The Curse' follows a group of useless crooks who get wrapped up in one of the largest gold heists in history. So expect a fun, quirky ride with plenty of laughs in the vein of a Guy Richie flick. All eight episodes are available to stream on All4 now.

'Pachinko' - Apple TV+

Apple TV+ have really upped their game recently, throwing out some incredible new shows. In the flurry of new content, 'Pachinko', which released in March, has flown slightly under the radar, but is no less impressive.

'Pachinko' follows a Korean family throughout three different generations and timelines during Japanese occupation of Korea. It's a beautiful series, both visually and story-wise and is well worth your time. Not only is it an excellent insight into an extremely complicated time but it also adds a bunch of talented Korean actors to the world stage at a time when Korean entertainment is growing ever more mainstream.

'Tokyo Vice' - HBO Max

Michael Mann executive-produced this slick crime series starring Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe. The show is loosely based on the life of Jake Adelstein, the first foreign-born journalist in Japan. Set in 1999, we follow Jake as he gets wrapped up in the constant to-and-fro of crime and corruption between the Yakuza gangs and the Japanese police force.

The first episode of the show is directed by Mann and it's exactly what you would expect from him; sleek and punchy with some beautifully lit night-time shots of Tokyo. After that intense first episode, the rest continues in a similar vein, with some brilliant characters and subplots throughout.

BBC recently purchased rights to the show and expect to air it in late 2022.

'Station Eleven' - Starz Play

Releasing at the back end of last year, 'Station Eleven' is based on the acclaimed book of the same name by Hilary St. John Mandel. What might have put a lot of people off was the premise and timing of the show. It's about *sigh* a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a pandemic.

But, wait! It's not all doom and gloom or filled with flesh-eating zombies á la 'The Walking Dead'. It's a heartwarming tale of people striving for more than just survival in a world that has almost rid itself from all human life.

'Station Eleven' is available to watch on Starz Play, which you can sign up for a free trial with here.

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