Some Netflix shows from this year, such as 'Jupiter's Legacy', 'The Duchess' and 'The Irregulars', have gotten the axe after just one season. But a few series have pulled through and gotten the green light for another outing.

'Shadow and Bone' is one such show as it has officially been renewed for a second season at Netflix.

The news was announced during the streaming service's Geeked Week, a virtual fan-facing event that revealed first looks and celebrated genre entertainment at Netflix.

A 'Shadow and Bone' season 2 announcement was released on Youtube yesterday.

In it, the cast of the fantasy series expressed their excitement for continuing on with the show. They also thanked their fans for making it happen.

'Shadow and Bone' received largely positive reviews from critics. It also remained in the Top 10 most popular series on Netflix for quite some time.

The show depicts the Grisha universe and primarily follows an orphan named Alina (newcomer Jessie Mei Li) as she comes to grips with her newfound powers which allow her to harness the power of light.

All depend on Alina now as the monstrous threat of the Shadow Fold looms over the world. Her heart is torn between two love interests. Moreover, Alina struggles to distinguish foe from friend.

As for what we can expect next, showrunner Eric Heisserer has previously said: "I would love to talk about what we might get to see from Six of Crows in the second season. I can tease this much that there will be a hundred percent more Wylan. We'd like to introduce him for sure.

"And we would like to spend at least a little bit more time in Ketterdam. We kind of had to yoink our Crows away from that in season one and throw them toward the Fold and beyond for their heist. And I think at least part of next season should be a home game for our team."

'Shadow and Bone' is adapted from Leigh Bardugo's books.

There's no release date for season 2 just yet.