Netflix has delivered another dating show for us to get hooked to this summer. But this one is definitely unlike any you've seen before.

'Sexy Beasts' has definitely piqued our interest in the dating show genre, especially with how elaborate it all seems. These poor, poor blind daters must have spent hours getting ready.

Imagine turning up to a blind date and genuinely feeling like a bit of an animal. Or a scarecrow. Or, hey, a little bit devilish, perhaps? The reality series will see couples go on blind dates where each of them will have their face covered in prosthetics, making them look unrecognisable.

And these aren't just a bit of face paint and off you go on your date - these are genuinely incredible transformations. The series sees one lucky person go on dates with three different people before they decide which "beast" gets their seal of approval for a second date.

Imagine TG4's 'Paisean Faisean' with a bit more make-up and you're nearly correct.

The aim of the series is to get rid of superficial dating, with daters hopefully being able to make a connection without really knowing what the other person actually looks like. A great message? Yes. A little bit bonkers? Absolutely.

Living in an age where 'Love Island' and 'Too Hot to Handle' reign supreme in terms of reality dating shows, this could be a nice bit of fresh air and a wholesome viewing experience.

Here's the trailer for the 'Sexy Beasts'.

'Sexy Beasts' arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, July 21.